Web Video Recorder

Important Note: This project has been retired

This project is no longer supported as we have stopped using it as we switched to MythTV

The Web Video Recorder, WVR, is a Web application designed to schedule TV recording events, and access the recorded TV programs from any video device connected to the network/Internet. The back-end scheduling system is based on the at and cron standard UNIX daemons. The video grabbers and real time compressors can be any command line application as long as a WVR recorder script is created to interface the two systems. We are mainly using XawTV streamer which records from any Video4Linux device to a mjpeg file. Streamer is basic but very reliable and is does not require much CPU power, compared to mpeg4 recorders for instance.


Main screen

Status page


Latest production version bundle: WVR 0.7.

Older bundle snapshots:

Change log

v0.7 - 20061018
 Added the Status tab which shows the encoder and system current state
v0.6 - 20060606
 Moved the actions to POST forms instead of GET links
 Added the edit functionality (delete + pre-fill input areas)
 Pre-filled the input areas in case of failure to add a program
 Fixed a bug related to v0.5 atd time formating
v0.5 - 20040130
 Minor enhancement release.
 Added a sort of the at jobs and the cron jobs before display.
 Cleaned up the Files view (remove % disk space).
v0.4b - 20030407
 Added new recorder scripts to create Low and Medium quality DivX.
 No change to the PHP frontend.
v0.4a - 20021230
 Auto truncate mjpeg files to keep them under the 2GB limit
 No change to the PHP front end.
v0.4 - 20021027
 Bug fixes only release.
v0.3 - 20020813
 Added the 'Files' menu to delete video files
 Fixed several bugs/enhancements.
v0.2 - 20020810
 Added check for overlapping programs.
 Fixed several bugs/enhancements.
v0.1 - 20020721
 First working version.
 Some major functionalities are still missing though.


This tool and its source code are free to use and to do whatever you can think about with it. We are not promising anything good will happen to you while using it. If things go wrong while using it, or doing whatever you can think about with it, we will not be responsible by any mean of the damages possibly caused.

That being said, if you are using the WVR and find a bug or have a suggestion for an enhancement, feel free to drop us a message.